3 December 2011

it has been a long time

Life can kick you in the ass and that is certainly what has happened to me lately. But it's all the day to day things that help resolve and soften pain, loss or disappointment, little things that just make life normal, balanced and reinforce the value of my good friends and family that I cannot live without. Tough times make these people even more critical in my life and I'm so thankful for them. Simple things like riding a bike and crashing, and losing a tooth.

enjoying the freedom of the open spaces on a clean and beautiful beach,

birthday celebrations,

finding new places to explore,

graduating from kinder,

making pasta.

13 August 2011


Its important to do normal things to keep myself balanced, when other parts of life are chaotic, busy and uncontrollable...to eat a lovely homemade lunch of snapper sashimi, and a hand made soup stock made from mackerel, with soba noodles and spring onions....thanks to my love for that...
slow brekky at a lovely cafe....
...and pretty poppies in season. This is enough. Happy weekend to you all.

29 July 2011


A few weeks back we had a lovely brekky at the small and sweet Slowpoke cafe, 157 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Its been a good 10 years since I have eaten over that side of town and it was really nice to be out there early on a Sunday morning while everyone started to wake up.
We scored the great front table which was bathed in morning sun and provided an opportunity for a few random street dwellers to ask for donations through the large window....this cafe was warm with share table and a few little tables at the front, a big open fire down the back and more seating as well as an outdoor part. Greeting us was smell of fresh coffee brewing and warm kitchen smells.....good morning!
Simple food of team friends avocado and feta with a squeeze of lemon and chilli twist....
Ricotta with softly marinated cherry tomatoes, a touch a rosemary and s and p heaped on top of fresh tasty bread. Plenty of super smooth coffee, hot chocs and babychinos. A really nice cafe, friendly staff and a good place to take kids if you go early. They even have a copy of Mr Slow in the loo. This place gets 3 sugar lumps out of 5.

17 July 2011

Beatrix cafe

We had brekky at the very cute and lovely Beatrix in North Melbourne. The cafe was quiet and had the most tasty food.
This cake was given the thumbs up, a flaky pastry roll with pecans and raisins....
...sweet decorations and cute utensils with big windows overlooking lovely Nth Melbourne streets..
The kind of hot chocolate I like, not too sweet, milk not too hot and made from chocolate sauce not gritty powder....mmmmmmmm
This whopee cake with a hint of ginger and real cream was so soft and delicious. Eaten along with my hot chocolate, still wasn't too much of a sugar rush. I didn't take a photo of the beautiful mushroom ciabatta or the lemon slice with a buttery cookie base. A good reason to go back!

This was a really nice place to go for a cafe catch up, I'm sure the coffee is good but I didn't have one today, friendly and prompt service, well priced, lots of parking and a great variety of sweets and savouries. I did notice a huge, fluffy lemon chiffon cake on the counter but resisted, another reason to go back!! Did I mention we got some handmade lamingtons to take away.....

15 June 2011

fun stuff in no order

Every weekend we try to do something interesting. Go somewhere or do something....there's a lot to do! Snow already at Mt Donna Buang, according to locals, its going to be a bumper year. It might be time to invest in a toboggan.

Yo Gabba Gabba was so funny and clever, except the bit that had Hughesy..he is not very funny. High lights were appearances by the Biz the beat box guy and Little Red
Another weekend we went to Daylesford and Hepburn. This is near the lake where we quietly watched the lovely blue wrens in the trees.
Peaceful! Winter isn't so bad :)

3 June 2011

back home

We started the adventure just two and met the third in Singapore. We ran to catch the flight to KL. We made it. KL was great, busy, hot and interesting. Some nice food and shopping too...
Then, we made to our favourite little secret beach on Redang island. Beautiful, no people, plenty of sunshine and swimming, turtle sightings, fish, bombings off the jetty into warm, warm waters, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, eating, drinking, eating, diving, snorkelling, boating, massaging, talking, relaxing.....
Back to KL after a week at the beach, finding some great and cheap places to eat....about $3 to feed 3 hungry tummies....
We took a day trip to see the great grandma, who grows peanuts amongst other things. Here is mooey learning the finer points of peanut shelling, which soon turned into how many shells can be thrown around the place, which entertained everyone.
This was followed by a goodbye lunch at the very famous and very local beef balls shop....
We had dinner one night in the old town where my husband grew up as a kid, otherwise known as dodgytown.....a very special dinner of longevity noodles and crispy baby piglet for his Dads birthday party.....
Here is a normal brekky place we had some noodles and stuff...no lattes here :(

We had a great trip and did a lot of things but I always love to come back to Australia. I really do love Melbourne. I have had a few extra days off before returning to full time work. I have enjoyed these few days to do boring things like shopping and fun things like cooking, running, thinking and catching up with friends and family. With time or no time I still hate washing clothes. I still have 3 or 4 emails to write to lovely people far away. I have not done one creative thing, which I regret. I even bought a big, inspiring canvas and its still big and empty. I have also not done a creative projects with mooey, I hope to do at least one this weekend. Making/creating stuff is so enjoyable, I do not know why I have not dedicated any time at all to engaging in free and playful thoughts, time to rectify this I think!!.....

I have found a lovely work mentor and decided on 3 goals I would like to achieve/work towards this half year to help make my work life more meaningful and purposeful. I did just get a new job and worked in it a week before going on holidays so it kind of feels like a new year even though its June.

Hope to keep this blog updated a bit more often, it has been much neglected. I have found quite a few new blogs this week and wasted quite a bit of time reading them, but that in itself has been pleasurable as its nice to know there are some really cool people out there with their own struggles and successes.

29 April 2011

not much

A couple of days off seems enough, without actually going on holidays...its been good to do the daily drop off and picks ups and have dinner ready early and keep on top of the washing and wait stupidly long times for coffee and hang out with peoples, read many blogs, look at lots of nice recipes, think about work and life, go running when I feel like it, go every where without rushing, walk in the sunshine, avoid public transport. Time just to reflect. A nice few days!