31 January 2007

Whingy woo?

I go to the same cafe almost everyday for a coffee (weak latte, normal milk, 1/2 sugar). I used to sit in, but now with a baby I get take away unless I'm with someone. The same guy serves me everytime but never acknowledges me and asks me what I would like while he dutyfully writes it on his pad. Invariably the milk is skim (yuk) and coffee strong, but even with errors, usually better than other cafes nearby. Since I am a regular and live in a small community I guess I expect that he will say hi and know my order by now. Even as a talking point the fact I had a huge belly and now a baby....maybe I'm just a whingy woo.....?

30 January 2007

my other treasure

Longlong has been such a good boy. He is so loyal and loving. I try not to let anything get in the way of our morning walks. His ears stick up like this when I say "ready". He is ready anytime of the day or night for a walk.

29 January 2007

my treasure

Babies would have to be the biggest time wasters. I did not know how quickly days and nights would pass with this little treasure. It is a wonderful time and we are starting to enjoy life and watch him grow and change. It seems that days pass in a heartbeat so taking stock of each day is important. I am trying to do at least a small drawing a day to keep creative and mark time so 'this time' just doesnt become a fuzzy memory....I'm sure as his sleep predicability during the day becomes more real, I can do more. I do agree that 'live in a messier house' which is suggested by most books and resources is actually quite stressful when youre used to a relatively neat living space. So my drawing/free time gets cut into by the desire to not have manky piles of clothes in the laundry or skanky bits on the floor. I'm not manic but try to do as much as I can, either with or without babybjorn strapped on. I dont mind having almost every moment taken up by him, but I still like to make time for my husband and me, even if its just 30 mins (give or take) each day at this stage.....

26 January 2007

many dogs and things

Its been a little while since we spoke.....I saw this dog and lady walking very slowly in the afternoon sun, the little dog looking up every now and again to make sure there were no new commands. I met another lady who stopped to pat longlong. She told me how her whippet had been hit by a car a month before. She was very upset and I also started to get upset, compounding this by imagining if the same had happened to longlong. I think dogs/pets help to level us and help us to keep connected to other humans in this increasingly isolated world.....

Today our little Pei is 8 weeks old. The time has passed so quickly and he has grown so fast. I have tried to take stock of those first weeks getting to know him and his cues. It feels like life is starting to return to 'normal' now, or at least adjusting to having a new person in the family. Everyday seems to be more meaningful as I look into his eyes and watch him smile when he sees me and listen to him gurgle and make sweet sounds (crying not being one of those sweet sounds). It has been the right thing to do at the right time for us in our life. It is comfortable now.

We received yet another amazing gift which I will post a photo of, but in the meantime have a look here for super cute stuff: lifebaby

19 January 2007


This little dog called chook was sitting on the ice box as the petrol station waiting for his owner. Just so tiny and cute, each person who walked past gave him a little pat.

13 January 2007

12 January 2007


I spend lots of time walking around my streets and always meet dogs. Some are lovely, some are cute and some are horrible and vicious. I hope to make a small sketch of a dog a day and post it (but not everyday). Todays dog is what I call the empty can. You know the ones who make the most noise...this little guy was so noisy and vicious sounding, until he popped out from behind the tree. He must have been about 15 years old, was completely grey from age and about 15cm high...was very funny...he thought he was a lot bigger than he was....

6 January 2007

its too hooooottttt

Too many hot days in a row :(
Top photo is LongLong licking the remains of a mini magnum ice cream.....mmmmmmmmmmm

5 January 2007

lucky me

While living in Japan I developed a large collection and collectors desire for knee high stockings. There are just so many shops that sell the coolest stockings and socks you could imagine. I am lucky to have a friend who still lives in Tokyo and is generous to send me these amazing packages of stocking. I am so happy and excited to receive this package, included was also some excellent craft magaines. I miss all those cool things about details and availability of the most amazing trinkets and gadgets. The stocking shop can be gazed at here for your viewing pleasure. This years colours for autumn/winter seems to be of the lovely wines/burgundys...mmmm look forward to Australia catching up. Another very fantastic place for trinkets and just the most excellent things to see is LOFT. A must visit for anyone going to Japan.

1 January 2007

keeping track

You know how you get all kinds of calendars and diaries at this time of year? How many can you realistically use, especially when you tend to use electronic versions these days? I certainly prefer to use the electronic version as it reminds me when I need to do stuff! So, I have decided to use one diary as a sketch book for our little Pei. It will act as time line of when things happen for 2007 and I like the drawing over the lines and dates and times. This is a drawing just after he was born, which is one month ago today....wow