29 September 2006

coffee and cards

I have been printing, cutting and packing various card orders. I am pleased with this gift card called 'lattecup'. Maybe because I'm off coffee at the moment it seems so much more attractive.

27 September 2006

summer sky

While out walking this morning I noticed a distinctive summery sky. Those tell tale whispy clouds meaning warm weather. Spring has just arrived but it seems the seasons are in more of a hurry these days.
Thinking about time, yesterday I heard about a most remarkable Aussie called Tim Cope who has just won the "Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year" award for his trip following the trek of Ghengis Khan of 10,000km, 18 month journey by horse from Mongolia to Hungary. http://www.timcopejourneys.com
It was very interesting to hear about his appreciation for time in the places he was travelling through. He mentioned upon his brief return to Oz, his impression is that our lives are governed very much by 9-5 and have rigid time frames for things like visiting friends/family. These kinds of rules do not apply to many of the places he is visiting, he said the greatest determining factor for anything is the weather. I think his humble and articulate expression of his experiences helps me to really live and appreciate his journey and to remember that some places are still untouched by fear mongering governments (but not to say those govt's dont have any problems), excesses of wealth, fame worship and where family and community are the most important things in life.

26 September 2006

auspicious mandarin

Here's one of my Chinese New Year cards for 2007. I am only one drawing away from finishing my range. This one is missing the characters but you will be able to see the whole thing soon. Here is a link to see more about the Chinese calendar and check out the year you were born http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0002076.html It also has calendars for many other religions/beliefs which is quite interesting. I also remembered that ramadan has started so spare a thought for all those fasting at the moment.

21 September 2006

pretty potion

This is the tea I have been drinking to improve my health. Doesnt it look wonderful. You boil it up for about 30 mins then drink it during the day. I have recently given up coffee which has been hard, and this has kind of been a substitute. I do feel better for not drinking coffee and I didnt realise the false high it gives me BUT I wont give up chocolate, no way!!!

20 September 2006

piggy is born

This little piggy did not go to market, he is my little character for my 2007 new year card range (2007 is year of the pig). He looks quite young and full of potential, which is a great way to view a coming new year. Stay tuned for the full range of piglet adventures, I will post the link the soon as it is ready.

19 September 2006

just playing

This is a doodle that I started about 4 months ago and just had a play with colour and words. Looks like the baby could sit a little lower, arms a bit skinny, but will refine and try again and publish it for you to see the result.
I had acupuncture for the first time this weekend. It was in my arms to reduce some of the pressure in my hands due to pregnancy (which makes my hands all numb and tingly). It actually worked really well. I was a bit nervous to begin with but really it is such a simple yet profound treatment I cannot believe I have not tried it earlier.

15 September 2006

cute cherry

I found a great, comfortable and cute dress today, this is what I look like in it. The close up cherry photo is the fabric design, very cute for spring and the coming warm weather and nice stretchy fabric to pull over a big and ever growing belly. I also happened to have a great scarf at home which is in the second photo. The scarf is handmade in Japan and I do not wear it near often enough. Now with the dress as a partner, it may get a few more trips out.

Soon cherry season will be here, yay!! They are one of my favourite fruits for their colour, flavour, smell and shape.

Did you know?
The word ‘cherry’ comes from the Turkish town of Cerasus
Are a member of the rose family
Have been cultivated for thousands of years
and don't ripen after harvest

....so I have been told.

14 September 2006


This is chicken, who is friends with ducky. Today they decided to stop in for morning tea. They are a most unlikley couple but seem to work very well together. Before chicken was a white ducky who was killed by a fox. Chicken came along soon after. I was coming home the other day and in the street, saw a tradesman who was offering some of his lunch to these two. They seem to bring a smile to everyones face. There is something about seeing a duck and chicken so comfortable with each other and walking carefree in a suburban street that brings out a kind and gentle side of human nature. Stay tuned for some drawings inspired by these two. I can understand illustrator Michael Leunig's inspiration from the ducky: http://www.leunig.com.au/characters/
Here is a link to an interview with Michael Leunig where talks about his inspiration from the ducky....http://www.abc.net.au/tv/enoughrope/transcripts/s1632918.htm

13 September 2006

pink floral inspiration

Bright pink is one of my favourite colours. It just so happens at this time of year (early spring) there are many flowers blooming and early morning skies in this colour. The top photo is a blossom tree not far from my house. I'm sure I am not the only one who walks past it on purpose to admire its beauty. Fortunately blossoms dont last long, so must be appreciated without delay (take time out to smell the roses).

The cake is for my friends birthday which is today. I was ruminating cake decorating ideas when walking past the florist I saw a lovely bunch of pink runuculus (sp?). I imagined it as a perfect springtime cake decoration. I have several boxes of silk flowers waiting to be used for creative purposes, so blended the real and artificial to create my own little cake/florist and hopefully see some smiles from a happy birthday girl.

To make it, simply buy an undecorated sponge cake (or make one - a ring cake might work well). Cut flower stems right down to the neck under the flower head. Stick a toothpick under the head where the stem was, this allows for stability of the arrangement and to give height when needed. I also laid a sheet of baking paper between the top of the cake and the flowers to prevent any nasty flavour/dust/debris transfer....viola :)

12 September 2006

morning stroll

This is the street duck, he has a little friend who is an orange coloured chicken. Usually they are together. They both have no identified owners and seem to belong to everyone in the area. There are small dishes in many peoples front gardens with water and bread. They walk their way up and down the street digging in gardens, making satisfied noises, and snoozing in the sun. I caught ducky this morning going for a little wander for more delicious morsels (this is no country street either!!).....

10 September 2006

out exploring

I went to visit the Mornington Peninsula wine regions this weekend. The area is famous for pinot noir wines however, not only are the wines beautiful, so is the landscape.

The above photo is the view from the restaurant at Red Hill Estate wines www.redhillestate.com.au where the food is delicately prepared and served while the log fire is warming your body. My trusty companions had to taste the wines for me, being pregnant I just have to enjoy watching everyone else enjoying drinking wine.

7 September 2006

what a find

I found this very cute coat hanger at the thrift shop. Someone has lovingly created this little gift and I was lucky enough to be in the recycling loop. I love these kinds of handmade gifts, and as much as I love to shop for gifts, I prefer to make gifts and cards to give and even better, I love to receive handmade gifts and cards.

For excellent radio entertainment try DIG radio, the ABC digital radio station. It has NO ADS and very few announcements, it also does not back announce the songs so you just enjoy music all day and night long. It is by far my preferred station to listen to while making things and working on the computer, beautifully programmed with lots of Aussie and international music, no top 40 or crappy gangsta rap...try this http://www.abc.net.au/dig/ to find out more, tune in....

5 September 2006

feeling happy

I think its due to the fine weather days we are having now slowly creeping out of what was a short winter that I'm feeling happy and peaceful. These images are very beautiful and worth a look if you like goldfish and have some time http://kingyo.photolog.cc/g/