30 June 2007

old drawing new life

I drew this a long time ago when I was more obsessed with tea than with coffee. I still love tea and currently have reverted to drinking gen mai cha which, after a long break, is really very tasty. I am updating my website with new images and colours, check here to see the work so far. I have been doing private card orders and shop orders lately which has been keeping me busy. I am also making some small brooches and bracelets for sale through my shop which I will upload soon.

27 June 2007


I am excited for 2 reasons: first my sister is getting married in two weeks and I'm looking forward to it, second I get to wear the coolest dress. A sneak peek is above. Made from recycled obi fabric (the fabric that goes around the waist of a kimono), bought from the gorgeous kazari warehouse and stitched by my most talented friend missy h. I will post more photos soon. Happiness :)

22 June 2007

things have changed

Slowly, slowly, driving is becoming less of a trauma for both me and the baby. Several trips lately have had just a little squeak and grizzle but nothing more. There are still the big belly wailing sessions but not every time we go somewhere. All my 'perhaps' thoughts/theories about why he hates the car so much are less prominent in my mind. There are two things that seem to soothe him, the raindrops on the outside of the window as they trail down the glass and the good old jingle bells. Those handheld set of bells you used to play with in primary school, he loves them. Its a bit early for xmas carols but you just have to sing them when you hear those little bells so cheery. It takes some co-ordination to sing, play bells and drive....I wonder if I will get a fine for that....would be a hard, hard police officer.........

19 June 2007

shiver me timbers

This lovely beach has been outside my door for the past week.....literally 10 steps from the door....it is always a shock to come back home to winter. Winter isnt really that cold in Melbourne compared to some other parts of the world, but compared to the lovely beach above it is COLD...........cold, cold brrrrrrrrr.

17 June 2007

away visiting

The images are taken in the warm waters surounding Tioman island, off the Sth East coast of Malaysian peninsula. Its the first time for Pei's feet to touch sand. I hope he can love the seas and much as I do. Even though I have travelled to Malaysia several times, I always enjoy it and learn something new. It also serves as a buffer to appreciate my life at home and so I can see it with new eyes upon my return. I planned to do a lot of drawing, but I ended up just trying to do nothing (when the baby was asleep) and read a book, Shantaram. The book is supposed to be wonderful and amazing, but it kind of feels more like a movie and I find I am skimming bits.......I will post some drawings later.

I snorkelled to see if I could find some precious fish and sealife. I saw some nice fish, but they are so well trained to look for the swimmers who have bread, that I didnt get much attention. It was very nice to swim in warm, calm water, using fins you can swim so much faster. I think time in the sea is like nothing else in the world and having the opportunity to be in it, even just for a short time is refreshing and reviving. The cold hard reality of human life was felt when the beautiful clear blue water turned a horrible rusty brown colour and smelly, where the river runs into the sea. This river runs behind the housing areas collecting all the waste, rubbish and foulness left by us humans.....

Of course I also like to go shopping and in Singapore, since the national passtime is shopping, there is no shortage of places to spend your hard earned cash....I liked this shop that sells a brand called e-base (site is in Chinese but easy enough to navigate just by surfing the site). They had an excellent pair of jeans which must have morphed out of the '70's as it had the back pockets detailed with embriodery of rainbows and clouds, so cute BUT, no healthy woman's butt cannot fit into Asian sizes, so I just had to look and appreciate. The brand also has lots of contrasting fabrics and textures mixed up in shirts and dresses...60% off also made things affordable......there is also unending arrangements of local foods.....all very cheap and soooo good.......

4 June 2007

lovely view

new teeth, crawling like a catapillar, goo and gaa....growing up very fast...is very nice