11 February 2010


All our stuff arrived in the shipping container this week. Finally we have abed to sleep in and clothes and shoes. Opening all the boxes has somehow made me feel very nostalgic and really miss Japan. It is an experience that can only be lived while it happens and I can only keep the memories and so, it seems bitter sweet that I have been able to touch a breathe those days but now I cannot. I am truly happy to be home and found adjusting to a new life has been very enjoyable. Now 3 weeks into a full time job, I realise just how much time we spend doing work, away from our homes, and families and friends. Things just don't get done at home and I try, but I am not a superwoman :) its just time and managing it.

I often think when Long Long meets another dog, that the butt sniffing is so disgusting and I yank his head and say 'c'mon, let's go' but as a new worker in a new office, it is exactly the same for humans...well, not the actual sniffing bit of course, but the assessing, the finding out, the slight uncomfortable feeling, until it all settles down....I can see though, as much as I go through a big change, the others in my workplace also have to adjust to me, a new person, who keeps asking the same questions, in a nice way, and try not to bother them but they know their work piles up as they spend time with me...... for me, I have no allies and no friends, yet, so its best to just do my best while making friends with everyone and watch how the others interract, and listen to how the bosses speak.

In other news, maybe you know, I am a two fingered typist, yes the two index fingers stab the keyboard, I think efficiently, but do not ask what my husband thinks :) last night while washing the dishes I managed to run on of my very useful index fingers along a very sharp knife who was hiding in the water under a plate....ouch....almost in need stitches but not quite. So, now I type with my index finger and the middle finger, with a huge white bandage on my cut finger.....I am soooo looking forward to roll up to my work desk and try to conceal THAT! I am not sure how I plan to write anything :)

6 February 2010

weeks end

This was the lucky last shot before my battery died but captures a small moment of quiet where its just me and the hound dog. He seems to wonder where his friends have gone since now, almost all day he has only himself for company. On the other hand, I have made a lot of new friends and so has Mooey. I am enjoying work, a new routine, a new schedule and what I have discovered, a new way to measure myself...the way I do and see things and the way my perspective has changed and how much I have grown up. So quickly into an international move and starting of full time work have I been able to see forwards and backwards. I feel lucky to have had the chance to slip in and out of two lives and now more than ever, I feel how much having a child has changed my life and what I believe is important. Before returning to this work, I felt a lot of what if's but now they are I know's and it isn't that bad at all! No, I am not old and rusty, in fact, I am a much more diligent, less competitive (in a good way), well balanced, mature and well rounded worker than ever. I have much more to manage and worry about than before and probably I am much more productive (but its only been two weeks so its hard to measure my productivity when I still do not know who's who and where the paper is kept).....hahahaa~I no longer sweat the small stuff and accept mistakes are part of learning and getting to know people takes time and dedication but has many, many rewards. My job content is very easy, its really just regurgitating information in a nice way, but it is enjoyable, and I like the people I work with and that is the most I can ask for.

Outside my new schedule, I have tried to keep organised with spending time with Mooch/food/bringing my lunch to work/cooking/cleaning/exercise/drawing...oh yes, my husband.....yes, him too...... and try to keep to a 9pm curfew..yes, its very early, I know....its only temporary until I get my full mojo....and seems to keep me awake at 3pm...which is the whole point of doing it. And, overall, I have kept up with all the tasks, except exrecise, which makes me feel like a slug...so I have made a new commitment and think I can keep it......along with the 2 chocolate frogs a day policy...of course ;)