30 March 2007

recurring colours

One might think 8 purple and pink tops might be enough for anyone, but there is something about the colour that no matter what, I keep buying these colours. It also happens with shoes. You might think I'm out there spending up big bucks on things, but really I shop with a small budget but just keep on going for the same things. I am very stongly drawn to these colours and have been for years, those who know me have not often seen me without red lipstick (except for those awful days of morning sickness). There are all kinds of theories about colours and people and personalities. In ancient China and Japan, purple was for royals only. The commoners had to wear grey and indigo died fabrics, but those cheeky ones sewed those illicit colored fabrics to the insides of their clothes for people to catch just a glimpse. You could get into a lot of trouble for wearing the wrong colours. Even today in Thailand people wear yellow, the royal colour, to support their beloved royal family. A book called "Kimono - fashioning culture" by Lisa Dalby the same lady who wrote Geisha, is an amazing and intricate explanation of colours and clothes in Japan. An even better exploration of the meaning of colours throughout history is "Colour-Travels through a paintbox" by Victoria Findlay. It is an in depth colour by colour (including purple and red) analysis and explanation about significance, meanings and applications through time. It is a truly enjoyable read.

27 March 2007


I complained a while back about the guy who asks me everyday for my order of coffee. Guess what, now I say a big hello to him, I must be making an impression as two days in a row he has smiled and made my order without asking me the details!! Yay!!

20 March 2007

a day to forget

My boy is a good kid but he hates the car. A couple of weeks ago a few family members were getting together at my grandmothers house and I thought I would go along. Her house is about an hour drive from my place. We started off badly, lots of screaming. About 20 mins into the trip I pulled over to comfort him, both of us already very stressed and unhappy. I hoped he would drop off to sleep, he didnt. So, for the rest of the 40 mins he screamed and I listened. It was horrible. I drove hard to just get there and make it end. I was not feeling much like socialising when I arrived. After a fairly quick and not really happy visit we left. Surely, I hoped he would be so exhausted he would sleep home, no. He screamed even more, the whole hour home. By the time we got home we were both so unhappy and stressed, he was covered in a rash he had developed while screaming and I was twitching with anxiety. I swore I will never do that trip again alone, it was truly horrible.

About 2 weeks after I got a letter in the mail, dated that horrible day, a $215 fine and 3 demerit points for going through a red arrow one second after it changed. Was I happy? No. I had been sitting through 3 light changes at that intersection, and given the situation I wasnt about to sit through a fourth. What a forgettable day.

My dearest darling husband soothed my anger by saying that to get good fortune you have to endure some bad. Our good fortune is our healthy baby boy, so a fine is not too bad. I guess in the grand scheme of life and balance it is true.

19 March 2007

dinosaur designs

I love dinosaur designs. It is such original and beautiful jewellery. I used to wear a red heart shaped ring for a number of years, each time it broke I bought a new one. It looked like the red toffee you find on toffee apples. I bought it on my first trip to Sydney, in which I caught the overnight bus from Melbourne. I was so excited. While working as a teacher in Japan and often finding myself waving my hands around trying to understand or be understood, the attention would often go to the heart shaped ring on my finger. Every so often I get a new piece to add to my collection. Its been a while since I got a new piece, the last time I went in to find somehting was for my wedding day. I didnt get anything as the person serving me was really rude and it put me off :( But I have recovered now and maybe she doesnt work there anymore? ;)

12 March 2007

melbourne collage

Here are some of the things I saw today in Melbourne town today. Lots of shoes that suit my taste....lots of clothes ready for the cooler winter months to come. This not a bad Japanese restaurant to try if you're after a snack...... go here but they do charge $1.50 for a cup of tea (not a pot). I still dont get why Japanese restaurants in Oz usually charge for tea (and its always the cheapo stuff).

8 March 2007


How cool is this t-shirt? You can buy your own from here...... Rock on!!

1 March 2007

middle east feast

For the most delicious middle eastern food you cannot go past Abla's It has the most amazing smooth and tangy hummus, sweet and fragrant homemade lemonade with rose water and other simple yet so tasty dishes. Above is a chicken and almond dish, inside is rice and minced lamb. The round dish is the famous hummus, served with soft, fresh pita bread. You also get complementary olives and pickled turnip on arrival. You need to book in advance but it is well worth a special night out. Not a glam set up, but the food is much better than some very swish places I have been to. Appearances are not everything, especially when it comes to this restaurant. I'm giving it 5 stars for consistently amazing food.