29 August 2010

time for the flowers

It is time for the magnolias and blossoms to open and show their pretty faces. Unlike Japan, people dont go crazy for them here in Melbourne. The shops are not crammed with seasonally branded foods and drinks and there isn't anyone sitting beneath the trees having picnics and drink ups. In fact, there is no nightly weather map stating what will be blooming when and where! The trees say to me "here I am am", and they are on every corner and in every ones garden, but its only when I stop and look and smell and see that I can truly appreciate the moment. In Japan its more the people shouting "look at the blossoms"....... Either way, you can only enjoy them for about a week, a most magnificent and beautiful week, where they don't wait for you to make up your mind. I'm not sure which style of appreciation I prefer, maybe I like both in its correct context.....

....as for Spring rain and the raising of a boyish boy, what can I say? What does he say "LOOK AT ME!!!"....just like the blossoms......luckily for me, I can look at him my whole lifetime!

14 August 2010

sky and ground

Feeling happy in the middle....this week slowing down. I finished reading The Pact by Jody Picoult...a bit depressing I thought, now onto The Book Thief, much brighter. This past month I have bumped into a lot of old faces I have known, an old uni friend at the station from maybe 15 years ago, my step brother walking along a city street, an old boyfriend of my sisters at a restaurant, a person I helped recently, in his own workplace this time, him helping me. I really love that feeling of an unexpected surprise in seeing an old face, something very happy, unless its someone you would rather not see again as long as they lived....which is just as possible.

7 August 2010

what a week!

This week saw my parents in law stay with us for 7 days. It feels like our duty has been done for another year. During that time, Mooey got sick, we took him to the doctors to find out he had ear infections in both ears and croup, sick and grumpy. On this day, while my husband went swimming, some lowlife took his shoes, leaving him without anything to wear. Why would someone do that? Pressure was rising.....Thankfully, we have survived the week intact, and today, a sunny day, after a miserable week of weather, adds to getting back to a normal week, and the thawing out we are all feeling, while Mooch is gets better everyday :)
This guy was the winner with the parents in laws affections, extra snacks, cuddles and walks!!...I'm sure he is feeling quite sad now there is no extra bacon 'accidentally' dropped on the floor!!.....
....and to warm our slightly dampened hats, this lovely, careful and kind table set up in a nearby street. There are bags provided in case you want more than 1 or 2. Not that this counters the bad-ness of the shoe stealing episode but is enlightening to know there are also good deeds done, wanting nothing in return, just or the sake of it.

1 August 2010

busy days and weeks

Already August?!...Isn't it amazing, this year has really, really flown. I am not sure of the formula of how to slow down time, to make every moment count. I guess it is impossible to count every single moment, just appreciate the special ones...like the sharing of the one marshmallow between three, the scooter bike riding in the smooth carpark, the very nice simple dinner, the trip to the Japanese grocery store and fresh sushi for lunch, the very sweet customer who bought me chocolate for helping him, the super colleagues who support each other through very busy days, the sister who cooks scones and jam and cream just for a Sunday visit, the brother in law who shares his job highs, the Mum who drives 100km to see all the family, the hug from the husband through thick and thin times, the impromptu 'I love you Mummy', the nuzzle and excited tail wag from the whippet, the call from an old friend, the new found therapy in running alone, the Nana who rings to tell me about the train delays...in fact, there really are a lot of moments I have savoured, now I look at it, each day is in fact well lived.