28 May 2007

happy baby

My dearest, sweetest little boy xxx


I got a shock last night when I turned over the page of my sketch book and it was the last page...its always a good feeling for that to happen because then I can look back at the whole book and it serves as kind of a visual diary of my past few months...I realise I draw a lot of drawings of a crying baby so now I need to draw some happy days (of which there are many), I just dont write about them. I think you heard enough of my driving experiences......

21 May 2007

my time will come

A while back I talked about a day to forget here

Not two months later, I find myself in the same position. This time though, a planned two hour trip turned into a 5 hour disaster due to heavy Easter traffic, major road works and accidents. The poor baby, the poor Mum and poor sister who innocently volunteered to help.....it was a truly forgettable day........two days ago, only just recovering from the incident, I received ANOTHER $215 fine and 3 demerit points bringing my total of fines in two months to $430 and 6 demerit points. What a cruel and savage world to punish me like this. I have clean driving record for almost 20 years, yes, that long and now this.

I have a plan to seek justice. In 3 years, when these demerit points will be erased (and the baby has grown up.....but he is not coming on this drive), I will hire the most recent model of this car I will return to those places where I received these fines and not only will I spin tyres and burn rubber, I will take it from 0 to 100 in 4 seconds. When I receive my fines in the mail after that day I will feel like I truly deserve it.


Finally it rained, yay!!!

ode to the poisoned oyster

There you sat amongst the others, looking shiny, delicious and cooked just so.
I plucked you from the group all covered in ginger, spring onion and pepper and bit down hard.
What funk came from your tiny body, enough to make me spit you out and rinse my mouth with wine.
I accidentally swallowed a small morsel of you and sat, waiting.
15 minutes passed and nothing....my thoughts focussed firmly on the worry of passing this potential poison onto my son via breast milk....oh my goodness, how can I resolve this?
30 min pass...eventually 1 hour......nothing..............nothing, nothing.
I am so grateful poisoned oyster, thank you for keeping me well.

17 May 2007


This morning's coffee ritual was shared with warm sunshine, until all of a sudden I felt large raindrops falling on me. It is rare and quite beautiful to witness any rain at all, let alone a sparkling sun shower. Moments later, the grey rain clouds rolled in and have hung around all day, no rain yet.

16 May 2007


Just taking some time out this morning with the boy and the pooch to sit in the sun and enjoy being not in a hurry.

14 May 2007

autumn walk walk

I saw some nice things while out walking on the weekend. The weather was very nice, with the slight chill in the afternoon that means soon it will be winter. I am enjoying the cool autumn after such a long and hot summer.

11 May 2007

shop luck

I was very happy to see this featured in the Craft Queensland newsletter. It is excting enough to have my cards in stock at the gorgeous shop.

8 May 2007


Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough, even when you see the most lovely coat in the world....

7 May 2007


This photo is just playing around with a fabulous camera lent to us by an American friend who lives in Japan, who visited us with his Malaysian girlfriend. The day before we were visited by a couple who live in China, the boy part of the couple was born in Hong Kong, the girl in China. We were earlier visted by a friend who lives in Sydeny but just got back from an amazing adventure for a year in the Philippines. We ate food to match the diversity, including fish and chips (one there for England), Thai flavoured mussels, Vietnamese salad, Italian pasta, Malaysian style curry fish with belachan vege, yum cha, good wine, very good wine, and flied lice to end the weekend. I feel very lucky to have such variety of language, culture, values, accents, stories and personalities as part of my life and especially happy to share these influences on our boy.

5 May 2007


I used to live in Carlton when I was a poor student, I never drank coffee, and probably just as well. Brunetti's has been in Carlton for a hundred years or so it seems, and many times as a poor student, I walked past the windows of coffee drinkers, talking, thinking or reading. Returning to Carlton no longer a poor student, I can now go in and order a coffee to fulfil what has become quite a habit. Only yesterday did I fully comprehend the loveliness of what many have been enjoying for years. Good, actually great coffee, super lovely sweets and a warm cozy place to talk, think or read. The visit was enhanced by the company of my dear friend, a Sydneysider, who said that this cafe was definantly a "Melbourne experience".