30 April 2007

growing up

As you can see, the lovely little boy is growing up so fast. Now it seems I have less time to do anything other than take care of him and the dreaded housework. It is a most rewarding job, night sleeps are getting a bit longer, he is moving, talking, laughing and smiling. As I approach my 34th year, I feel so happy and content to be his mother and teacher, birthdays are a bit more meaningful now, even though I keep on forgetting my own.....
Funny and lovely comments are often exchanged with strangers. The latest memorable one is "He is so cute, he looks 95% like his father"...ahum, ok, it might be true?! No matter what, he will always have my blood type, and isn't what is on the inside that counts the most ? :P

24 April 2007

impress your friends

If you have 10 minutes and food processor, you can make this easy eggplant and olive dip to take to your next party (or just to share at home...). Ingredients are, eggplant, kalamata olives (with no pips), garlic, salt and pepper - you can judge for your needs the amount of each ingredient you require. Simply slice and steam the eggplant for about 5 mins, crush and saute the garlic. Once the eggplant has cooled down, remove the skin with a spoon and put the soft insides into the food processor bowl, add the garlic and olives and salt and pepper to taste and whizzzz. I think adding a small pinch of chilli or and handful of fresh coriander would also work well. Serve with some nice turkish bread and you're ready to go to the party!! It is so quick and easy and healthy and delicious, you cant go wrong!!

17 April 2007

illustration friday - fortune

cute couple

I love finger puppets and these happen to strike me as the cutest couple. I did not make either of them but happily play with them.

13 April 2007

a bit tired

This is me in the middle of the night, but, even though I am tired, I know it will not last. I sleep next to our little boy for some of the night so both of us can get some rest. Feeling his small breath and movements makes me feel very happy and content.

10 April 2007


What a super cute book featured above. Here are more details about the author Emma Magenta. I hoped she had her own website so I could further indulge in looking at her very cute drawings but alas, no website to be found. I love the colour combination of pink and red and notice that her little girl wears striped red socks, just like mine. It also has a very honest story I'm sure everyone can relate to, about making much too much out of underserving relationships.
I often look at this book just to enjoy the simple and spacious drawings.

9 April 2007

sticky stickers

Its been a while since I posted so I thought I would add a little photo of something I have been working on. The above ladybugs are stickers/wall/furniture decals which I have been making. I am working on a few different designs and will post photos as they become resolved. In the meantime I have also been to visit the wonderful Sydney (and my lovely friend who lives there). I love going to Sydney as it has a whole different feeling to Melbourne. It also hosts the best Korean and Japanese restaurants, both which I endulged severely!! I am also still working on a set of pompoms to re-invogirate an old scarf, sadly I have made only 2, very poor effort. I have an upcoming holiday planned and part of the plan is to make at least 20 pompoms!!! They are so simple to do and remind me of my primary school days.