27 November 2010

summer project

I have a summer project in mind and its nearly summer and I haven't really made much progress on it. The goal is to have a nice garden environment to sit in, relax in and have dinner or brekky or just hang out. We have a great yard but after all, it is a square of pavers, surrounded by pretty garden. I want to create a nice space using recycled, renovated or second hand furniture and to have a mixture of things to sit or lay on. Since my creativity is limited to cooking dinner at the moment, its nice to have a small creative project to focus on. The painted pieces above are a small daybed bought from the op shop. Its needs some tlc and a few layers of undercoat finished with a bright red top coat should make it an outstanding addition to the summer project. The base of this daybed is the old spring type, so after some measuring and visits to bunnings, I will replace the saggy springs with pine slats. The last thing to be added is the mattress. That bit is easy. I have visions of very nice matching handmade fitted sheets in blue polka dots or gingham...but at this stage, with constant rain, I will be lucky to finish the paint job by xmas....I do love a project though so I'm happy about it and hopeful we can use it on xmas day, since this year we will host the lunch.
This is Long Long enjoying his part of the garage sale haul from around the corner....a new $1 rug. I also found an old BBQ table and teaming it with the chairs we already had, I'm well on the way to having a great place to hang out. Now, if it will just stop raining!!

14 November 2010

mango season

Mango season makes me very happy, not only because I love mangoes, but I love the onset of summer. This year, especially the Xmas shop assault, doesn't seem to have happened too quickly, in fact, I'm quite excited to see all the decorations in the shops. Its also getting warm, much rain, but also warm.....it seems like the blink of an eye since we went to Tokyo and now a few months has passed, life has returned to normal, a wedding and a birthday and other dates have passed....all the while keeping busy, still keeping up with my running hobby, which is now even more enjoyable for instead of running in the cold and pitch black of the morning, I can see pink and purple sunrises, lunchtime runs are now along pathways with fluffy, leafy trees.....life moves on, my little moo turns 4 in a few weeks, amazing, so he has instructed me about the type of party he wants, a small affair, with a karate kid theme.......since my time in now limited I'm not sure the party will be as well planned as some of the ones Ive seen others do, but the most important thing is that the DAD of the house keeps to his promise of being Mr Han, the karate (or kung fu) teacher, then all should be OK!!........