31 August 2006

updated website

Yay, my website is back on the net after a bit of a revamp.
Go to www.thegrassygarden.com.au and take a look around at the new pages and layouts. I will continuously upgrade it so there will be minor changes and additions of images as time passes.
I look forward to your email and questions and hope I can help with your creative conundrum.

29 August 2006

spring flowers

I went to the Botanical gardens in Melbourne on the weekend. I wanted to see what flowers have come out. My favourite Magnolia flowers were looking beautiful, with their deep purple and white contrating petals, surrounded by many, many types and colours of camellia. I love pinks and reds so these flowers make me feel very happy and calm. There was a lot of people out enjoying picnics, resting on the grass or just strolling with their friends and family. Even though it wasnt sunny, it felt like a sunny day. It has been a short winter this year, and quite mild. Despite this, I think everyone is getting sick of the cold mornings and nights and wants Spring to come. Judging by the many flowers already out, it looks like a nice spring season is almost here.

25 August 2006

almost the weekend

I'm looking forward to spend time this weekend with the three people I love the most, my darling, my growing darling and my hairy little darling dog, Longlong. I wish you all a sunny weekend with time to slow down, have a coffee and read the papers :)

21 August 2006


I have been doing lots of little jots and scribbles and coming up with some new drawings. I like drawing about being pregnant as I'm sure that after the event I will have forgotten all the things I'm thinking and feeling now...I am also offering some of these drawings as a card range, which you can buy from The Grassy Garden shop, as I have found it very difficult to find cute, quality cards for maternity celebrations. My site is still being reworked so hang in there for a couple more days. Here's a small example....

17 August 2006

new things

I have been crafting some new pouches which will be available in my shop. They are very useful for money, phone, mp3 or pda and each one is an original!! (I can embroider your name too if you like). I also have some new cards which will hopefully be available in some retails outlets soon....I'm also working on updating my site so you can bookmark the grassy garden and check for updates. It will be ready in just a couple of days :)

14 August 2006

my fortune

I was looking through some old photos of my time in Japan when I came across this beautiful memory. There was a temple nearby my home that is devoted to relationships, marriage and bringing good fortune to couples. This is a photo of my fortune (which related to my future husband). The fortune is purchased from the small temple shop and looks like a simple piece of white paper, only, the fortune is written in invisible ink. Only when you go to the pond at the rear of the temple and float the paper with a coin on top, is your fortune revealed (there are lots of other signifcant things such as the type of coin rested on top, if the fortune sinks, or how long it takes to sink, the surrounding plants and location of the pond etc...). It is very a beautiful memory as there are temples that are devoted to relationships and marriage and children, all over Japan (as well as temples and shrines for many other reasons) and I realise there is nothing as gentle, quiet and well intentioned as that in Australia.

9 August 2006

wild, windy and lovely melbourne

It is windy and woolly day today with grey skies and snippets of blue sky. I met my old uni friend (10 years since graduation) in the city and we had lunch in the heart of the cafe centre, surrounded by lunchers, coffee daters and vibrant chatter, all encased in a warm and busy cafe. We walked down to Federation Square and briefly looked at a couple of exhibitions. This was followed by a hot chocolate with a view over the river and the arts precinct. It is so nice to live in a place and visit the city centre just because it is very nice, exciting and really feels like it has a character. It is also important to make time catch up with old friends who never change, we always manage to catch up when in each others town. Its like seeing a mirror of yourself and you can see how much each other has changed, learned and matured since you first met, but the essential character has remained. A lovely combination.

6 August 2006

coffee and inspiration

A sunny weekend, coffee and cake helps to get thoughts moving and creating new images and ways to do things. I have been drawing lots of images with my trusty black texta.

More sweet drawings

2 August 2006

my longlong

Longlong is my very beautiful whippet dog. His character is what I would love to see more of in our society, gentleness, kindness and simplicity. Maybe this is why so many people have dogs as they all usually show these kinds of traits (more or less, depending on the breed), which we can all relate to.

There is a great site called Whippet Grey which is not about dogs, but lovely still.