14 May 2010

brighter days

Well I cant say I'm thrilled to be without my voice for 2 days in a row, but it has given me a chance to rest whether I want to or not. I can still do a bit of work from home and also some cool fun stuff like drawing! I'd love to have some of my pics in a kids cookbook so that's exactly what I'm going to make.....

13 May 2010

cough, cough, cough...

Being sick is a miserable experience, especially when myself and my husband are both sick. Luckily the mooch is Ok and very happy and excited! My husband has spent the past few days in hospital with severe pneumonia, now in recovery, and I have had a nagging cough that has now manifested into full laryngitis. For those who know me, not being able to talk, is a major difficulty...disability, frustration...horrible. I cannot go to work, as my work involves, more than anything, talking.....grrrrr......the other frustration lies in the inability to get an appointment with a doctor, I mean a real one, not a bulk billing one......can anyone tell me how they manage to see a doctor on the day they are actually sick...as opposed to a week later....due to being fully booked out?....and by then, no doubt, I will be all better.....grrrr....I only fully value my health when I am sick...I need to value it more when I am well and do all I can to keep well. I might also invest in a crystal ball so I can predict when I'm going to be sick and then make a doctors appointment 3 weeks in advance....!!

8 May 2010


Its been a week since my birthday and some time has passed to make some executive decisions! In future there will be no housework done by me on my birthday- of any kind! Yes, I like that one.....If possible, no work either, I was lucky this year that it fell on a weekend.....I might have to save some RDO's in the future.....so this year I was lucky to have neither of the two commitments which take up such a large chunk of my life. I did spend the day with my lovely family, and while the sun shone, we talked and ate great food and caught up. It was a sweeter day than last year, being in Tokyo and all, and just being together as a family was awesome. I like getting older, its actually much better than I expected.