26 November 2007


It was a nice weekend. Sun and family. We had an open inspection to get a tenant for our house and hopefully we will find the right one. Things are moving along for our big trip to Japan. We are starting to ship things and think about our new days ahead. In this though, small things become more meaningful. The sound of the magpie, the hot sun in November, Aussie accented 'yehs' and 'maate' on overheard phone calls, bbq smells, things that remind you of where you are. Oh, and election excitement. About time I say.

21 November 2007

packaging overkill

They love to package and wrap...I remembered the word for "I dont need it" quite quickly...

20 November 2007

cool stuff I noticed

This is so great but no doubt comes about as a result of revolting pervy guys. I have become accustomed to several of the things I once thought so new and weird however, I still saw some new, cool things. Also, as stated in very large signs at all stations, one should not rush to catch a train in case you get stuck in the door and also because about 2 minutes later there will be another train, so dont stress dude.....well, you do need to be decisive when catching a train that is already in the station. We kind of didnt have the team action going and my two most precious peoples got on and I was kind of getting on with the door of both the station and the train closing on my arms, my hands inside the train, body on the platform. I could just see my loved ones taking off without me and gee whizz did I find some superhuman strength to rip those doors apart and get inside. This is not really the done thing, in addition I think I made a big grunt coz the whole carriage looked up and me and kind of tut tutted (ie: dumb foreigner-did you not see the signs about rushing?....). OK, so I sat down with my loved ones, so glad to be together, a bit shaken and feeling a bit silly too. But then my biggest loved one put his arm around me and gave me a hug and said dont worry I see this happen to other people all the time. What a legend!! Next time, the other train story, one very loud, screaming (hysterical) baby (mine) in a very small crowded carriage....I think I can get used to the Tokyo subway, maybe.

13 November 2007

well, howdy doody doo

Hello after a long holiday!! We beens to Tokyo, Japan. What fun it was. But its always nice to come home and hear magpies warble in the mornings. Will write about some stories and add some photos and drawings of our trip and various other happenings. Highlights include sushi breakfast at the fish market, exploring crowded streets then relaxing in the park, 100yen shopping (ie everything is $1), amazing tofu eating experiences, nappy (diaper) purchasing missions and finding out that generally life in Australia is more expensive than Japan, whoda thunk it?!