26 April 2010

18 April 2010

summer again

...we feasted our eyes on the lovely Werribee Mansion, taking in the hunted and stuffed animals as trophies on the walls....old time dress ups, rooms upon rooms, and halls, all feeling a bit Harry Potter, Hogwarts-ish....minus a bit of grandness and spookiness.....

..looking at the fate of the beloved pet dog....gave me an idea for the future of Long Long (!).....I will never have to say goodbye!!
.....and followed by a long winding walk through the beautiful grounds, sculpture gardens, many, many trees and birds and green, green, manicured grasses......we got married here, about 5 years ago and the reason we chose this place was so we could return year after year and enjoy the beautiful surrounds. It happens to be next to the Werribee Zoo, so today, while the sun was setting we watched 6 beautiful giraffe getting excited about their dinner in the distance...perhaps there is a weird irony that there are so many dead and stuffed, trophy animals right next door to an incredible collection of roaming African zoo animals....
..again, we have been lucky with unseasonally lovely sunny days........a beautiful start to a week that will no doubt, fly. Wishing you a good one.

6 April 2010

5 days

...of holidays, thanks to Easter!....5 days of time with lots of family members, eats of all varieties, including chocolates, time to ride my lovely bike around to secret beaches and look into rock pools and the crystal clear water on the shore, time to soak up the sunshine and enjoy an extra hour of daytime thanks to daylight savings. I think this has been my most enjoyable Easter holiday in many years....oh, except that my darling wasn't here to enjoy it too, but that's our life.

2 April 2010

my eye

I had something in my eye for a couple of weeks and tried to put it out of my mind, until it got so annoying that I went to the doctor. As it turns out, I had something, wood or plastic or glass or metal, embedded in the cornea, near the pupil, which needed a little operation to remove. Although I was a bit nervous seeing a large needle being stuck into my eye, I was relieved to get it out and surprised at how quickly the process from doctor to hospital to recovery occurred. As I get older I am more mindful of my health and maintaining it, eating well, exercising and sleeping well, so this was a little wake up call to remind me that even the smallest of health things need to be nurtured before they turn into big health things.
I didnt have to wear an eye patch, my inner pirate felt a little disappointed!