29 December 2006


Getting used to this life is wonderful and as tiring as everyone says it is. Days go by, it feels like Wednesday but its actually Friday, nights seems to go by so quickly when getting up at all kinds of odd hours. It is 4 weeks today since the birth, in some ways it feels like a heartbeat, other measures seem like its been a long time. X-mas has come and gone without much impact. We both grow to love this little creature more and more everyday, which I thought not possible to do since we already love him so much :) he is a good kid, but recently developed this hobby called crying...yes, it is as frustrating as we have been told, because you often do not know why. It is wonderful though when he is soothed by a hug, feed or just some kind words and stroke of his head. Being a Mum is quite cool but I still dont really feel like a "Mum". I'm sure this will come in good time, 4 weeks is not long to adjust to a new responsibility, role, title and societal member.

22 December 2006

santa got it right

Santa got it right, good one mate. I got my first pair of Birkenstocks which Santa has told me I cant wear until the 25th.....but around the house doesnt count does it...?


How cute is this little pooch!! Another awesome gifty from my dear friend Sal. I love this little guy and can see he will be in the family for a few years to come yet!!! It comes from a store called ak traditions in Prahran. Thank you dear girl.

17 December 2006

I'm here

Here's my reason for not posting too much. I willl post when I can. Being a new Mum is wonderful and exciting and tiring. Recovering from the birth is just the beginning, breast feeding is difficult and painful but I am determined that I will use this method to feed my baby. Luckily this little guy doesnt cry too much so life has not been too stressful just yet!!! We are very happy and trying to make sure our darling Long Long doesnt feel too left out. To describe my first two weeks, happy, calm, very stressed, uncontrollably sad and weepy, uncontrollably happy, in love, gentle and kind. I dont think this is hormones alone. It is the realisation of the responsibility of this whole, entire life, that is now mine to shape and care for, for the rest of my life.

1 December 2006

a little break

I'm going to be away for a week or two while I have my baby. Wishing you all an excellent lead up to x-mas with all the preparations and gift organising. I have not finished everything I wanted to, noticing especially when I turned over the calendar today and saw December 1st. All the small jobs I planned to do this year seems to have been complete but in turn created more. I have however, completed the major part of the garage reno, now complete with carpet, rendered walls and broadband internet. The couch is coming tomorrow and we will slowly fill the room out. I did not finish my feature painting for the wall :( I did get all my x-mas ornaments sent out, which I am very happy about and managed to finish all my card orders.

As for the baby room, well, I calculated about 7 days work on the cot alone.....and still not happy. We were still screwing it together this morning. So the room is clean and clear and we have a total of a chest of a drawers and a cot. No mural or coloured walls or groovy handmade mobiles as I had planned.....I still have those plans but will integrate them in my new life.

We are both very excited and cannot wait to meet our little boy. All the things left undone can wait as this is by far the most important thing I have done.