28 September 2007

plastic tubes

I read somewhere that these plastic pool rings are good for inside play with a baby. Its true, it is a lot of fun. There are many games to play with just these plastic tubes and blow up balls. They are also good as a barrier to places where you do not want sticky, curious fingers to go.

My dearest darling came home today from a long trip to the US. He was almost home when the plane had an emergency landing because a bird got stuck in the engine. Added another 2.5 hours onto the very eager welcome party here at home :( but any trip to the US yields a lot of nice gifts, gotta love those super cheap mega malls, thank you darling, like xmas and birthday all in one.

27 September 2007


This little mini no longer likes to be fed. He only can feed himself and in order to let him learn and exercise some independence I let him. He now eats what we eat. He usually finshes all by himself and despite the big mess, he does a good job. I have discovered a bib that has sleeves and a long front which prevents clothes from getting truly manky and me having to change him every time he eats. He is growing up into a cool little cat and days are becoming more interesting and nights filled with more solid sleeps YAY!!

My dearest one is inspecting our first houses to live in the big sushi next weekend, already...geez its gone fast, this year I mean.

AND as you know random people say random things to you: today an old lady said to the baby but talking to me "gee someone has been dying your hair hasnt she?" I said nicely "he was born with dark hair"....and you know what, she looked at me like I was lying.......good one love......not all babies have blonde hair and blue eyes.............:P!!

25 September 2007

bobble head

I made this little felt bobble head for my little bobble head boy and guess what...he hates it!! He is happy just to throw it across the room (it does have a bell inside so maybe he likes to hear the ding-a-ling) but there is an unspecting fan...yes my ever loyal Long Long. He just like the bobbles, I think because they are fluffy they feel nice on his pointy nose. OK I am going to try something else now, Im hoping for better success this time. I did watch some TV last night and caught this show. It was excellent. The repeat info is on the link, I highly recommend it.

24 September 2007

making stuff for a journey

Since I have been in sewing mode I thought I would make a little present for a friend who is going on a fantastic trip to Peru. I wanted to make a little pouch to keep a pen and notebook together, as they seem to get easily separated when pulling things in and out of your travel bag. So, I made this little pouch with a ribbon tie. I hope it lasts the trip as some of the stitches are a bit wobbly. I also made a couple of clothes bags, ones that you use to put your clothes/shoes etc into then put them in your case/bag. I have found them to be so useful for keeping things organised and when looking for something you just pull out the bag, not all the clothes spilling all over the floor. It also acts a security layer and for those gentle handed baggage handlers, not, if your bag happens to get droppeed and fall open, all your undies are privately organised into bags!! Now I'm getting excited I want to go too.
I have realised that doing something like sewing at night when little boy has gone to sleep is so much better for my brain than watching TV. It requires thinking and creativity and its fun. What more could I ask for?!

22 September 2007

small blanket

I made this small pram blanket for a friend who will have a baby next month. It has turned out how I saw it in my mind so I am happy minus the wobbly bits. I am not great at sewing but I do like to, even if it just straight lines. I figure to get better I must practise....This is made from pink polar fleece with small cupcakes embroidered onto it with the flip side a cotton fabric with small hearts. I made the border with the small red bobbles (which were the hardest part to sew) and I had the babies name embroidered on the polar fleece side. Look how organised you can get when you know what the baby is and the name!!! I love it xxx

21 September 2007

its been too long

It would seem I have been a bit quiet but really I have been busy doing all kinds of things. This image is one of the ones from my 2007 xmas range which will be up on website by tomorrow. I have bee keeping busy with some sweet card and invitation orders and just enjoying the growing ever longer days and sunshine. I hope to have some cards in a couple of magazines coming up so I will keep you posted!! I have been meaning to mention some of the blogs that I read regulary:

http://www.mpatrizio.blogspot.com/ a sweet and very dedicated blogger who posts almost everyday

and I cannot go past this one called 'red shoes' .....:


I was about the get going with news and bits and pieces but a grizzly baby is calling me............................

15 September 2007


I turned around to see the dog hugging the panda teddy. He sat there for about 5 minutes. Either the panda is very comfortable or he needed a hug, or he thought it was his twin. Such a good boy.

10 September 2007

sunny saturday

It was lovely to go and soak up the atmosphere in Brunswick St, Fitzroy. It really is such a great place. We stopped by the rose st market too. Joined by my lovely friend, we ate, talked and enjoyed a very sunny spring day.

4 September 2007

xmas almost done

Here is a small girl featured on one of my 2007 christmas cards. This year they will be finished very soon (not in november) and come with a little surprise. I will let you know when you can get them in my shop.

3 September 2007


The urgency of spring vs

the urgency of folding the washing...
I guess one of them can independently do its job without my help. But, I'm sure if a blossom needed help to bloom and washing folded itself, it would be grumblings about blossoms not washing....