24 October 2007

a little rest

I'm going to take a little rest from my blog as life gets busier with parties to organise, shops to deliver to and other fun things. I will be back soon with news and stories and pictures. Take care and keep well. Check out this link for the BEST tshirts for bubs I have seen in a long time :)

17 October 2007

more late night creations

I made this book bag last night for a friends daughter. I had to test the handles to see if they could indeed stand up to some books. They seem to be OK. I have my study books out as you can see.......well, they are out but not open......if you get my drift........The fabric has small sausage dogs wearing not just coats but GLITTER coats. It is so cute. Inside has pink polka dots. Im sure a girl in prep would like this, but these days it might just be way too uncool. Im not too sure what kids are into these days but I better learn, and soon.

15 October 2007

DIY update



Here is said shower base completed, you cannot see the small damage area and I am surprised to report that it is very sturdy paint. I am quite impressed and might just do one last layer. I did fix the front door, I actually had no choice as it completely fell off its hinges and I could not open or close it. It is actually quite heavy and I thought I might have to enlist some help from the neighbours to lift it, but I did manage to get it attached to the door frame and now its as good as new. I already have another project, this one has been waiting for about 6 months to be attempted. Just a hint, wall, damage, plaster, screws......watch me go.................!!!

After yesterday's sook about mindlessness I forgot to add that there has been two nasty car accidents in this area in the past few days, one a drunk driver and the other a drug driver.....it must be season of the idiots....

14 October 2007


No picture today just a bummer feeling on such a lovely sunny day. I went out for a walk, lovely sunshine, light breeze and all the tourists that migrate to our part of town to lick ice creams the soon as any sun pokes it head through the clouds. It was busier than usual with people walking, talking and licking and amongst this, quite depressingly I saw, one dog do a poo that was not picked up, a kid kick a glass bottle into the sea and watch it fall without picking it up, a guy throw a cigarette butt onto the ground (still alight), and a guy who opened up his car door put a tray full of rubbish on the ground then step out of the car OVER it and leave it there (he was literally next to as bin). I feel I cannot confront every one of these people, as aside from being dangerous in terms of my personal safety and that of my boy, it is not the kind of psycho role model I want my son to see. I did however ask the kid to pick up the bottle which he replied 'yeh' and just left it there. It kind of left me feeling that if these small things are happening every minute or so, and no care or thought is taken then how can we tackle the much bigger issues of pollution and waste reduction? Maybe it is the sum accumulation of these small things that has created the problem in the first place. I hope the small things I do and at the least, my concience about what I leave behind, may help contribute to a brighter and healthier future for our world and our kids. I'm not saying I deserve a Nobel Peace Prize because I recycle my plastics but I know I am not the only one who thinks putting rubbish in a bin and picking up your own dogs poo is a no brainer....................

13 October 2007


I bought a cheapo blow up paddle pool and put some plastic balls in it. It is the most fun thing you can do inside!! I think it will be even more fun outside on a hot day with a bit of water under the balls :)

I have started an inventory of house stuff to start the process of moving. We have a very simple house without much furniture and stuff, well, so I thought. Once it is all down on paper and the deciding what to do with it all, it seems like a LOT of stuff.....lucky we do not live a nomadic lifestyle or else we would need a road train to take all the stuff. I guess thats why we accumulate stuff because we dont move around much.......

8 October 2007

serial DIY

I have a habit, one that is very hard to beat...serial DIY. There is just one problem with this, I often do not finish the DIY projects (or have the skills to do it in the first place). This irritates my loved one who's philosophy is, if you cant finish it dont start it or the alternative, get a handyman. Both very logical arguements, I do agree, but my serial DIY seems to have a life of its own and any trip to Bunnings or the like, is a dangerous journey of possibilities (its best to go with my loved one to keep the voice of reason clear and loud). So, I went one day by myself...good one.....and bought a lot of bottles and cans to resurface the shower base. It had been painted previously to us moving in and had started to peel and was difficult to clean. How hard could it be to strip paint, remove grout, replace grout and repaint? I can totally do that!!!! Above photo is during paint stripping stage. So, like I have nothing better to do at nights when the baby is asleep, not....I am scrubbing the shower base, cleaning the shower base and basically spending a LOT of time bent over the shower base. Now I am on my 5th day of having a bath while the shower base gets finished, its no longer fun to be a serial DIY'er. BUT, I have come to the end of the road and last night put the final layer or paint sealer over the tiles and new grout. It looks great but oh the smell....how anyone could sniff that stuff for FUN?....I had a huge towel wrapped around my face to cover my nose and I could still smell it......There is one teeny little (I mean big) disappointment...the shower head has a habit of dripping and did so while the paint was drying, so now I have a very smooth and slightly interrupted shower base. The paint stinks so badly and takes 24 hours to dry and I NEED A SHOWER....so bad luck. One more DIY project half finished!! Next project is the front door, it is falling off and I intend to fix it!

5 October 2007


Sometimes I like to get out of my neck of the woods, just for a little while and the Vic market provides this little opportunity. As it is school holidays there is a lot going on there as well as the usual food and goods to buy and animals and buskers to see. It is easy to park and always refreshing to breathe in another atmosphere. They had the best baby animal farm with two piglets that were pink with black spots, so adorable. Pei was soaking up the sights and sounds and there was so many things to talk about. We walked around to the very famous American donut caravan and HAD to indulge in the jam donuts, they are sooo good make make me feel soooo sick afterwards.....I love to go to the European section with cheeses, dips, breads, pasta and coffees. It always makes me feel like I am overseas somewhere in Europe. I bought the above pieces to make a simple and beautiful lunch. Garlic and parsley fettuccini, pesto to stir through, fresh parmesan to grate over top and a lovely loaf of rye and sourdough bread (that last for several days-bonus)...I also bought these lovelies below - eggplant and capsicum and ricotta angiolotti......to be eaten with rattatoulie...so good. I am even more motivated to cook nicer and nicer meals since Pei eats the same food as us...I also stopped into one of my very favourite stores parlour

4 October 2007

modus illustrationus

I have really received some lovely gifts for Pei and this is no exception. This cot rug is so gorgeous with the cutest illustrations, hearts (rabu rabu!!), elephants with shoes and lovely designs on BOTH sides. Thank you so much Miss E. On the same day I received this, I bought this awesome alphabet jigsaw puzzle. I want to use it as a frieze on the wall. It is designed with some of the cutest animal illustrations I have seen for a while. You can check out crocodile creek designs for some more cute stuff, especially this ball....

3 October 2007

busy bee

I have been busy which makes me tired.....but I am happy and thats all you need...

1 October 2007

mud and mint

I am most excited to find these lovely earrings by mud and mint through etsy . My theme for xmas this year to have all my gifts handmade by me or by someone else and etsy is so good for finding some lovely goodies. I have knocked a couple off the list with mud and mint and now on the look out to complete the rest of my list. Since I was in post birth phase/newborn phase last xmas, I didnt do a great job with xmas or xmas cards and considering a run a card business thats a bit lame, but this year its all on track!! So, like coles, I am already gearing up, minus the tinsel.