12 September 2010

Dear Tokyo!

Guess what? In the next few weeks I will be back to visit you! I'm so looking forward to catching up! I'm sure there are plenty of new things you can show me. Yippee!!

smashed pinata!

Last weekend we celebrated Fathers Day with the smashing if a pinata. The blindfold wasnt allowing us to progress so we just took the bat to the ball. It was fun! But a little difficult to smash open...
Between the Dad and the boy, they managed to crack it open and all the coloured foil rained down onto us, and a few smarties....good times...
....laying sadly on the ground....a good party game indeed!

5 September 2010

design by kids

We are pretty happy to see the end of winter although the rain seems never ending. I ran around Albert Park lake this week for the first time. Its so nice with palm trees and many baby swans playing with their parents. Running in different places around Melbourne is such a fun way to explore new places and learn new routes.

I copied a little drawing by moo onto a tote bag then stitched the lines. It is a good solution for a man bag needing some prettiness without being too girly.....

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there. To celebrate with the Dad in our family, moo and I made a pinata, which we are about to smash open.