15 January 2011


I hope all of your 2011 days so far have been happy and productive. It has been a while since I dropped in so I would like to wish you all a safe and happy new year. I didn't do all that much, there was only one or 2 beach days and now work is back in full swing it feels like xmas and new year is a distant memory. I did enjoy the break in routine and we hosted a lovely xmas day lunch so that was fun. I have high expectations of what I can do in 2011, new things in my job, more creativity at home, a possible home reno project, a few more dates with my husband, a couple (!!) of holidays, more girlfriend catch ups, quality family time, less toys, more healthy living and eating and I can hope for less washing and folding of clothes, which I particularly hate, but that will remain a dream until I can afford a person to do just that job!
I walked past this cool shaped elastic band and although Tassie is missing, I think, Australia as a whole is feeling the pains of those who have been lost and those who have lost their homes in the floods. Lets hope for the best and help where we can.