29 July 2007

i like it

I really liked this Nokia advert on the wall at the Singapore Esplanane Arts Centre . The letters are created by lots of handprints as above. Parts of the advert as placed around the centre such as in the lift, small posters etc.

Puffy face update is that it is stull puffy and now the skin is getting very blue and bruised. I am not going out for a while....I think the worst is over but it is still painful and doesnt look so good.

27 July 2007


I am a bit puffy after my operation of tooth removal and implant BUT the good news is that after nearly 18 months of broken sleep, last night was the first night I have slept all the way through. This is thanks to some very heavy duty pain relief and a good baby. I am still smiling and feel this hospital experience was far better than I ever imagined it could be. I'm sure I will go back to looking like I am not storing marshmallows in my gums in about a week or so. A massive thanks to my legend Mum and darling husband who have helped me these past few days xxxxxxx

24 July 2007

A letter to Ma-Ma

Dear Ma-Ma,

A singlet, all-in-one, jumper, coat, stockings, pants, shoes, hat and two blankets is not required in temperate winters. When I cry I am telling you that that the walk is no longer fun as I am hot so please take off some layers.


Pei xxx

22 July 2007

winter sunshine

Even in the middle of winter, when the sun shines, so do the people. Today lots of people are out walking, kicking the ball, enjoying thier families and sharing food. I really like the winter sun, especially since it does not last long and by 3pm, the sky has returned to its moody grey, the mist arrives and the cool evening settles into the cold night. Anything that needs to or that should be done, should be done without delay. The trees above are skinny and stark in winter and full and leafy green in summer. I love this street and how the trees characterise the seasons so clearly. There is a lack of season definition here in Melbourne so trees and other things act as a clue or guide, especially on the sunniest of winter days where we might be tricked into believing otherwise.
The leaf impression is one that I step over very often. The leaf must have fallen into the concrete after it was poured. I like to look for these small graffitti's from nature.

18 July 2007


and realise that I am not a bad person for watching the TV show about Victoria Beckham.....

16 July 2007

mr moo

I havent written about the dog for a while, he is still here though, ever loyal and loving. He is such a good dog. I have just started to let him get close to the baby. The baby loves to see the dog and greets him with a big smile and kick, kick, kick of the legs. Of course the dog is curious about this wriggly, wriggle puss and has to poke his nose very close to see what it is. Both baby and dog exchange some very nice and gentle looks, until the baby reaches out to grab a handful of whiskers, face, ear, paw etc in which case the dog leaps up and scats. The baby is now moving and soon enough there will be a time when he gets to the dog before I realise, and I want both of them to be comfortable and relaxed in that instance. The other day, I saw a kid get bitten by a dog that was tied up out the front of the supermarket. It was very scary and upsetting for the kid, the mother and the dog (the dog's owner was not there). I would hate to see this happen to our boy at home, but given our dog is a sooky whippet, it is fairly unlikely.

I'm not too sure about you, but I read quite a few blogs of people I do not know, but I really enjoy what they write or the pictures they post. I never comment or introduce myself. I'm not sure if this is the correct etiquette. Maybe you can tell me? Maybe its even worse to tell others about the ones I enjoy without their permission? What do you think?

12 July 2007

baby tea

Sometimes I get a bit obsessed over a particular type of tea. Not drinking wine at the moment, I am appreciating tea and I realise that a very fine tea is just like a very fine wine. The same qualities of smell, colour and taste apply. My current obsession tea is called baby chrysanthumum tea. It is from a very famous tea shop in Hong Kong called Mee Heung Cheun Tea Co. I have never been that thrilled about Chryssy tea, always pale yellow in colour and kind of mouldy tasting...that was until I tried this tea. From the moment I poured in the hot water, it immediately began to brew, I could smell an almost orange blossom fragrance, sweet and soft. The colour is a very clear green and the flowers open up as you can see above. The taste is both smell and flavour in one, sweet and not bitter or mouldy. This is how tea is meant to be drunk. It is the difference between a $10 bottle of wine and a $60 bottle of wine, that kind of difference.
I remember being very disappointed after returning from Japan and buy some expensive green tea to find the quality so poor that it would not be served in Japan, ok maybe from the station food cart on a long train journey or other kinds of places, but not in the home or restaurant.
My recent excitement about tea has made me think more about tea culture and the niceties and warmness it encourages. I am guilty of having a friend visit recently, who was there for a good hour and as we had planned to go out for lunch I did not offer a cup of tea, or even water....I have slipped out of the tea culture I once loved and participated in so passionately. I will offer some baby Chryssy tea next time.

9 July 2007

post wedding

My sister got married on the weekend. It was a very lovely and happy and wonderful day. I am so glad to see her and her husband so happy. I got to wear my great dress and shoes and what I didnt mention yet was that I made all the stationary for the day. I wish I could say I made the above cupcakes, but I just made the stickers and stuck them on the boxes. Very cute. I have yet to post a photo of my dress, I will do so, it deserves a post to itself. Congratulations to you Roy.

1 July 2007

wedding preparations

The photo above is the shoes I have been given to wear to my sisters wedding...I love them.....they go well also with my shoe collection below, which I wrote about a while ago.