17 July 2011

Beatrix cafe

We had brekky at the very cute and lovely Beatrix in North Melbourne. The cafe was quiet and had the most tasty food.
This cake was given the thumbs up, a flaky pastry roll with pecans and raisins....
...sweet decorations and cute utensils with big windows overlooking lovely Nth Melbourne streets..
The kind of hot chocolate I like, not too sweet, milk not too hot and made from chocolate sauce not gritty powder....mmmmmmmm
This whopee cake with a hint of ginger and real cream was so soft and delicious. Eaten along with my hot chocolate, still wasn't too much of a sugar rush. I didn't take a photo of the beautiful mushroom ciabatta or the lemon slice with a buttery cookie base. A good reason to go back!

This was a really nice place to go for a cafe catch up, I'm sure the coffee is good but I didn't have one today, friendly and prompt service, well priced, lots of parking and a great variety of sweets and savouries. I did notice a huge, fluffy lemon chiffon cake on the counter but resisted, another reason to go back!! Did I mention we got some handmade lamingtons to take away.....

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