29 October 2008

saga continues...

I guess everyone has had a noisy neighbour in their time, maybe more than once? Well, now its my turn, I cant remember if I had another one so this may be my first. It really does totally suck. In Tokyo, everyone lives on top of each other so you just have to be a bit careful, unless you are my neighbour who doesnt care. Problem is because his windows face ours, we are usually the only ones who are affected by the late night/all night parties, once a week, sometimes more, so its just our word against his....there is no resolution in sight......I feel venom rise in my throat and think of all these witty things to say when I see him in the street. I almost gave him the bird yesterday when I happened to be closing the curtains and we saw each other but I'm trying to keep cool and composed coz in the great big span of the world this little brat and this problem is so small.....this is cold comfort at 2, 3 or 4am when the hysterical laughter, clapping and cheering continues......all I can hope is when he finally grows up and gets old, like me, he can have a brat neighbour who annoys the hell out of him....I can only hope, but its likely he will still living with his parents by then and I'm sure they will stick up for him :P

27 October 2008

autumn leaf adventure

We drove into nature on the weekend, about 2 hrs from Tokyo...far, but well worth it. The soon as you get out of the you can smell the sweet smell of things natural, hear the river rushing and the quietness. Few cars and fewer people. Almost immediate relaxtion.......so lovely :)
Look at the place where we ate lunch, nothing else is nearby and there are three things on the menu...

one of them is a bbqed salted type of river salmon....so sweet and tasty, we ate three....

fire red colours of autumn...

boyish things to climb on and poke around in the dirt...

and a super relaxed sleep on the way home, such a sweet and simple thing to do and so good for the soul :)

24 October 2008

etsy update

This is another one of my xmas cards for this year, I have some other designs at my etsy shop and will keep adding new things over the next week :)

23 October 2008

22 October 2008

...hard life for a dog...

..isn't it?! Long Long is just as happy as we are about the drop in temperatures. He is such a good dog :) Days have been passing and soon we will be back in Melbourne. I'm so looking forward to it, family, friends, beach, steak and chips, chicken and chips, smell of sea, coffee and brekky in cafes, walks with no people and noise around, magpie warble, and skyline. Tokyo is such a great city with many, many things Melbourne does not have but in reverse Melbourne is a great city with many, many things that Tokyo doesnt have. I feel so lucky we can share the best of both worlds.

Moo is getting better and better and getting back to his chirpy little self. A sick child is stressful, especially the first time...but I guess there are many firsts to come so I better fasten my seatbelt. We have been doing lots of fun things involving leaves, paints, playdoh and acorns, walking in the fallen leaves and kicking/throwing piles of collected leaves, cooking chocolate cupcakes, homemade chicken nuggets, risotto, bike riding, beanie wearing and dog chasing. For me, I went out two nights in a row, yes two!! The most in 2 years!! Coincidentally the Mums groups I am part of had organised nights out one after the other. It was so nice to get the heels on and the lippy, after 7pm too :) In the next few weeks we have a Halloween costume party, a gymboree party (which is kind of a structured/supervised games type thing), sweet potato digging and of course some trips to the countyside to see the amazing Autumn show of colours. Life is lovely :)

19 October 2008


We stopped into Chinatown in Yokohama this weekend. It takes about an hour by car from Tokyo but easily accessible by train too. The streets were really nice and wide and has a different feel to Tokyo, although still busy with people traffic. Its always good to get out of town on the weekends and after a week of visitors, an emergency hospital visit for the mooch and lingering ear infection and fever, it was nice to just cruise in the Autumn sunshine and of course eat yum cha.
Some cute footpath tiles....

Gaudy and loud temple in comparison to the quiet Japanese ones....

and trinkets......such a nice day :)

16 October 2008


This really would have to be one of the nicest spaces in Tokyo, Shinjuku gyoen. If you are ever in town, you should go here. It is the place that has the very beautiful open areas of green grass and speaking of which, mine is coming along nicely but you still cant walk on it yet, maybe another week or so.....soon the leaves on the trees above will turn golden and fall down, some parts of Japan are already bright red, yellow and orange. I really like Autumn here in Japan. Summer in Tokyo is a tough love compared to the breezy Melbourne summer so Autumn here is such a relief and so, so pretty. Fashions follow the seasons and although its still in the mid 20's, on the streets there are a lot of beanies, fur frilled coats, many, many ugg boots and knee high boots often worn with very short shorts. For me, I am in no hurry for winter so I'm keeping my coats on the hangers for the moment.

15 October 2008

xmas crowns

I'm making some stuff for xmas day using our family protraits...this is the outlines....this is not including all our animals, they are next, two dogs and three cats....can you guess who is who??.....

11 October 2008


Things are pretty nice around here these days. Moo has picked up a nasty cold but its to be expected at this time of year. You can see people starting to wear surgical masks.....I first thought it was so weird and unnecessary but having seen it now for a few years I realise its actually very polite to put one one, instead of coughing your germs all over everyone.....

10 October 2008


I finally got my etsy shop up and running, although it just has one thing in it for sale, the card above. I have a lot of other things to add as well as my new 2008 xmas cards (which I wasn't going to do this year but had a change of plans...:) so I will keep you posted as there will be more next week!

7 October 2008

crusin' in the hood

These days have been so enjoyable, we have been out a LOT, its so nice not to get fried every time you step out the front door! Some days have been raining, good for my grass, but mostly its good for the mind and body to get out. Tokyo is a great place to poke around and explore because if you want to, you can walk on a different road every day and not walk to same place twice! But it is a noisy place, at least every 5 to 10 mins a siren of some kind, the beep beep of reversing trucks, roar of cars and scooters and the general background hum of traffic. But, there are pockets of quiet, little silences here and there, when the lights turn red for one direction and just before the other set turns green......
There is also humor in unsuspecting places...for those who can read this, you're already smiling for those how cant it translates as "ass support".......but the meaning isnt nearly as funny as the pronunciation.....its actually "earth support" some kind of company (energy-I think).......so if you're ever in Japan and some one says "You need ass support" they are not being rude!!

2 October 2008

the grassy garden?

As you know, I deliberate on spending too much time/money on this small patch we call a garden...but, recently the compound gardeners came and savaged the entire place and 'cut' the lawn, I mean turned it into a mud pit.....I thought it was inspiration for some new grass.....so, being a bit of an experimenter in the garden, I threw the seeds in, covered them with some turned over soil, which I did by hand with one of the Moos sandpit spades.....one of my less intelligent gardening decisions....and then threw some potting mix on top and mixed it all up. I gave it a good water and put some blue coloured (possibly scary) fertiliser stuff on top. To my pleasure, a typhoon was coming, which is really not so great for those in Taiwan who got the brunt of it, but it meant 3 days and nights of rain...now after just over one week, check out the greeness. Now, anyone who is experienced with growing grass might scoff at this picture (she's going to fail big time), well, for me, its all pretty exciting. My hopes are that in a few weeks (before it gets too cold), Moo and I will be out there playing lawn bowls and having picnics....I will keep you posted.....


1 October 2008

coffee cups

I'm making some new cards and trying to loosen up a bit...quite fun....I'm still working on it!! This is just a test....lets see what else happens....

I just bought this super lovely book called 'No Matter What' by Debi Gliori it is so sweet!!